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Services – Running technique

Jean-Philippe testant un échantillon de sang.

Jean-Philippe testant un échantillon de sang.


Assessment of overall fitness of the athlete and advice to enhance performance

Running Technique

Many regular runners will suffer an injury in their training over the next year.

Running is instinctive during childhood. The technique gained over the years, often imperfect, can be improved by regular exercise.

Imperfect technique has a negative impact on performance. A runner seeking to improve his running performances has everything to gain by improving his running technique, which includes posture, foot step, and cadence.

Services offered:

  • Personal or group monitoring
  • Video analysis on treadmill
  • Workshops and conferences

Training Program

We offer personalized training programs, tailored specifically to help you meet your objectives, which take into consideration your family and professional reality.

Our workouts are adapted to your level, whether you are a beginner runner or you are looking for the highest level of performance.

Training is monitored daily to ensure it fits your current level of fitness and to adapt to life events.

You put effort into your workout.

You make sacrifices.

We know your reality.

Services offered:

  • Personalized training program
  • Follow up by regular mail, e-mail, telephone and / or Skype ©
  • Psychological preparation for performance and motivation

Lactate testing

A blood test is conducted to determine lactate levels at various stage of your training. With these results in hands, it is then possible to precisely determine training zones that will help you achieve your goals and take full advantage of all training sessions.

At KinO2 Consultation, we know that the time dedicated to your training is limited. With precise training zones, your workouts are more effective. For example, when you work your anaerobic threshold, you are only working your anaerobic threshold.

Services offered:

  • Lactate tests on full-spectrum (cycling and running)
  • Analysis of your training zones
  • Full report allowing you to maximize your training

DNA Testing

Applies to all sports, in all areas.
The test that will shed the light on your strength and weaknesses based on your DNA.

Smart clothes training

Applies to all sports, in all areas.
Smart clothes gathers data in real time, while you train. This new product will be a valuable addition to your training tools.

Collect, analyse, optimize.

You are welcomed to order your smart clothes at Hexoskin

Complementary Strength Training

Assessment of strength training needs, complementary with running training.


Nutrition advice based on the athlete’s type and level of training.

Healing / active recovery

Healing process while continuing to train.

Other services:

  • Preparation to firefighter’s exams
  • Preparation to police exams
  • Preparation to military bootcamps