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Why a coach?

Why a coach? You like running, but …

  • You don’t have enough time?
  • You need a flexible training program?
  • You are not reaching your goals anymore?

KinO2 Consultation can help you in 2 ways:

At the physical level

  • assessing your physical condition;
  • determining your goals;
  • helping you achieve these goals through the development of weekly customized training programs;
  • giving you access to a very complete web platform, which includes your workouts, your cumulative in terms of distance, time, power, as well as a discussion forum;
  • recommending specific exercises that you can watch in 3D animations;
  • available through email everyday, including week-ends.

Beyond the physical aspect

  • a partner, not a boss;
  • allowing you to see beyond your usual horizon and move toward your goals;
  • allowing you to create an effective game plan to achieve your goals;
  • encouraging you to excel and achieve your dreams;
  • questioning your most critical inner thoughts;
  • celebrating your victories;
  • helping you develop a strong and persevering spirit;
  • requiring you to stay true to yourself;
  • pushing you to find solutions to your problems;
  • helping you balance your life through exercise;
  • requiring that you invest in yourself;
  • helping you feel better about yourself!

Jean-Philippe Morency – Kino2 consultation – Entraîneur de course à pied – Gatineau, Outaouais